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Mama Gone

Pace University Night of Original Work

Devised by Sommer Campbell, Matt Goldberg, Layla Izabela, & David Newman

Actors: Sommer Campbell, Matt Goldberg, Layla Izabela
Featured Actors: Cisco Morales, Gannon Ripchik, Adam Scott
Lighting Designer: Ethan Feil
Production Stage Manager: Morgen Doyle
Photography: Jonathan Morley
Producing Directors: Ianthe Demos and Adrienne Kapstein
Costumes and props courtesy of Pace University


Alchemical Studios

Written by Charles Mee
Directed/Set Designed by David Newman

Actors: Keith Beck, Tristan Collins, Kirby Denny, Kendall Dodd, Layla Izabela, Benjamin Paulk,
Dyoisa Wiggins, Sheena Zhang
Lighting Designer: Ethan Feil
Costume Designers: Khyla Aguirre, Destiny Chioma
Sound Designer: Colby Durand
Photography: Jordan Fisicaro
Production Stage Manager: Krystyna Pinel
Produced by Stand Up! Productions

Love and Information

Institute of the Arts Barcelona

Written by Caryl Churchill
Directed by David Newman

Actors: Kirby Denny, Lucy Garcia, Sebastian Hagelstein
Lighting Designer/Photographer: Ethan Dixon


Humans Being

Music & Book by Damon Intrabartolo
Lyrics & Book by Jon Hartmere
Directed by David Newman

Actors: Ariana Aquino, Joey Colavolpe, Ashley Deschamps, Shawn Dougherty, Jacob Goldburg, Rocco Grancio, Michael Haggerty, Katrina Marttala, Katie Moran, Adam Rifas, Alissa Rojas, Elle Schwetz, Kara Vito, Bailey Walsh

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